I was born on November 18th 1987 and was raised in a family that was my mom and dad and my 2 older brothers Josh and Jeremy!! I realized I enjoyed singing back when I was in 9th grade when the school got a new choir teacher named Mr Harstad and he seen something in me that I never seen myself. He believed in me and in 10th grade I started singing Johnny Cash in front of the school with a band and then my nickname was born, Johnny Cash Jr. I really enjoyed singing in front of the school because I was doing something that not many people would ever be able to do and I took full advantage of it. I played sports in school and that was Track, Football and Cross Country. I graduated from Buffalo Lake Hector High school in 2006 and went to Ridgewater College for Audio Production for one year but realized I didn’t go for something that I loved. I am currently going to college at American Broadcasting School!! I’m blessed to be an uncle to 3 boys named Robert, Ethan and Grayson!! I enjoy going out to my cousins farm and working and helping bail hay and throw hay up in the loft!! I enjoy the farm life because its honest and hardworking and plus I enjoy listening to Country and Rock music whenever I get a chance to