Josh AyersI am a man that loves discovering new music and sharing it with the world. I started at the age of 15 as a musician/songwriter in East Tennessee with a dream of becoming a rock star. I struggled getting gigs, recording demos, and having anyone listen to what my friends and I were creating. After many years of playing shitty gigs, touring around the country, working in studios, dealing with labels, and all around experimenting in the world of music, I just did not care for the business I was trying to be a part of. I decided to make a change. I moved into audio engineering working in studios, running live sound, and anything that would help pay the power bill. After doing this for several years, I realized that I was not helping myself or any of the musicians I had been working with to further our careers. I searched for alternate ways to excite myself in a stale confusing industry. In 2012, I started work on a radio show called “Josh’s Underground”, this is a show I created to share undiscovered artists with the world. I had a guaranteed audience of 100s with a radio station in Whitley City, Kentucky, and no experience speaking on the radio. After a few weeks, I had received 1000’s of emails and 1000’s of songs from artist all over the world. Now, with an audience of 100’s of thousand’s of people and a database stacked with more music than most small FM radio stations, I have opened a door to the addiction called “work alcoholic that drinks a lot of beer and listens to a lot of new music”! We except all artist in all genera! I love it all! I also have “The Josh Ayers Show”, a show built around dick and fart jokes, and ideas that make most people get HARD! We are carried on several stations around the world, and anyone can send their tunes to us via Anyone with their music uploaded to our database will have the opportunity to have their art played on any Josh’s Underground or The Josh Ayers Show! I do this because I love music, musicians, and anyone trying to create something meaningful to themselves. I want your music to be heard around the world, and I will help you get it there, because I want to be heard! The Josh Ayers Show or Josh’s Underground can be heard on Thursday’s , check the schedule page for more information.