Rex Torres is the creator and the managing director of the Young DJ’s group on Facebook, which was created to help promote, archive and advertise musical tracks, pre-recorded shows and radio shows produced by young, independent DJ’s who are looking for a new way to expose their works to the largest online audience as possible.

Aside from being the head of the Young DJ’s, he is also the technical liaison for J-Man Radio and he helps with any technical computer issues which can be resolved over the internet. He archives and records audio tracks and he assists when issues come up with the online radio broadcasting software for the radio station.

Rex is also in charge of maintaining the Young DJ’s archive of radio shows and music tracks located on the SoundCloud.com website. This is a professional, unlimited account which is administered by Rex so that all posted tracks are dated and labeled correctly, making it easy to find tracks that are dated by month, day and year, DJ name and show or event name.The Young DJ’s archive on SoundCloud is located at https://soundcloud.com/youngdjs/